Top 10 Best Makeup Apps for Pretty Girls to Try on Android

Top 10 Best Makeup Apps for Pretty Girls to Try on Android

How We Choose The Best Makeup Apps

We've searched for makeup apps that include popular features, such as virtual makeovers and a beauty camera, but each app has a different area of ​​focus. The next step is to compare the pros and cons of each app and decide which one is right for you.

Choose the makeup app that's right for you

Most of the makeup apps on our list focus on virtual makeovers, meaning you can use them to touch up your photos before sharing them on Facebook or Instagram. But you can also use them to try out a new look, a new hairstyle, or even a new gender expression, without having to commit to the change in real life. Once you've decided which products you like, some apps provide location-based recommendations on where to buy them.

Stay positive about your appearance

Makeup applications are meant to be fun and give you the opportunity to explore new looks and hairstyles. But they can also contribute to unrealistic body standards, so if you're struggling to maintain a healthy body image, consider taking a break.

1/ YouCam Makeup

YouCam Makeup
YouCam Makeup

Take and edit photos with YouCam Makeup, the #1 virtual makeover and selfie editing app. Try the best beauty camera makeup filters from top brand beauty products. Dye your hair without going to the salon with our hair color changer for the most realistic coloring and virtual hair salon experience. Retouching tools for full-face makeover for eyes, nose, make lips fuller, as well as teeth whitening, airbrush skin, smooth skin, face adjust your selfies in seconds.

The best makeup editor for you - Try a beauty camera for cosplay makeup, costume makeup, eyeliner, eyelashes, contour, blush, eyebrows, retouch eye shape for bigger eyes, try contacts to change eye color, nose facetune, face reshaping, and more!

YouCam Makeup Key Features - Perfect Selfie Filters

  • Live Makeup Cam - Try cosmetics from top beauty brands
  • Face Tune Retouch & Airbrush - Smoother face & flaw editor
  • Hair Makeover & Hair Color Changer - Dye your hair like virtual salon games
  • Real-time AR Makeover - Lipstick, eyeliner, eye color, eyelashes, lip art
  • Selfie Editor & Beauty Cam - Face Shaper, Nose Enhancer, Foundation, Lipstick, Blush, Concealer, Highlight, Blemish, Face Paint, Shine Removal, Add Smile & Contour
  • AI Detect Skincare Cam - Scan, Skin Test & Consultation

Airbrush Flawless Skin & Retouch Face Editor

  • Selfie Editor & Selfie Filters - Remove blemishes, eye bags, face & nose contouring, foundation, lipstick, contour, blush, concealer, highlight
  • Face Editor - Smoother Skin & Face Shaper & Smile Editor
  • Face Shaper - Face slimming, reshaping cheekbones, chin, jawline, forehead
  • Contour & Highlight - Real-time cheekbone and nose makeover
  • Foundation & Blush - One-click face adjustment
  • Blemish Removal & Concealer - Remove pimples, pimples, acne, blackheads, wrinkles, spots, dark circles

Color Hair & Hair Makeover with Shadow hair color

  • 360 Degree Hair Color Changer - Dye hair virtually with real-time salon games
  • Hairstyle and Haircut - Wigs, short, long, and curly

The best beauty brands to try before you buy

  • AR Beauty Products - Try luxury makeup products before you shop

Filters for eye makeup and eyebrows

  • Eyebrow Remover & Eyebrow Editor - Erase and edit brow bone, thickness, position, color
  • Red-Eye Remover & Eye Brightener - Edit the perfect photo
  • Eye Color Editor - Contact lenses of all brands
  • Eye Shadow Editor - Try eye makeup from top brands
  • Eye Lash Editor - Mascara & Eyelash Extension
  • Eyeliner Editor - Try different designs
  • Eye Bag & Dark Circle Remover - Flawless Airbrushed Look
  • Eye Tuner - Adjust eye width, angle, and distance

Skin health analysis

  • Skin Care Analysis and Skin Diary - Analyze skin in seconds
  • Personalized skin regimen and recommendation
  • Skin Care Test - Wrinkles, Pimples, Pimples, Acne, Dark Circles
  • Consult a Dermatologist - Makeup and Skin Care Suggestion


  • Lipstick & Lip Gloss - Matte, Metallic, Shiny
  • Lip Reshape, Teeth Whitener, Smile Editor - Get plump lips like Kylie Jenner and shiny teeth
  • Lip Art selfie filters for makeup games

Prop Editors - One-Click Trial

  • Accessories - Sunglasses, Glasses, Glasses, Hats, Headbands, Earrings, Necklaces

Salon dress up games

  • Wedding Makeup Salon - Virtual Wedding Makeover
  • K-pop makeup, Chinese, face art makeup, Horoscope,
  • Festival, party, Halloween, Valentine's Day makeup for beautiful holiday selfies

Selfie filters

  • Effects and filters - Edit selfie in one click

2/ Mary Kay Virtual Makeover

Mary Kay Virtual Makeover
Mary Kay Virtual Makeover

Easily create makeup looks you love with Mary Kay Mirror Me, our new real-time makeover app. Use our new version of augmented reality to find your most fabulous face from the comfort of your couch or on the go by browsing countless color combinations on your face, eyes, and lips. Mary Kay Mirror Me uses your phone's camera to apply makeup trends and color products the same way they appear in real life - no mess and no photo uploads needed!


  • Use the front camera to track your movements and the rear camera on your friends to precisely apply eye, lip, and face makeup.
  • Instantly try hundreds of Mary Kays
  • products, shades, and looks from specially selected makeup artists.
  • Try on makeup looks before meeting with your independent beauty consultant.
  • Share looks you design or complete looks created by Global Beauty Ambassador Luis Casco with friends on social media platforms, email, or save to your device for inspiration. Shop while you play by adding the products you like to your bag directly from the app.

3/ InstaBeauty


Best Selfie Makeup Photo Editor for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

InstaBeauty contains more than 50 makeup styles and 100 filters. It is a professional selfie camera populated by more than 300 million users worldwide thanks to selfie filters, grid filters, stylish collage, quick capture, special video, and many more amazing features.

InstaBeauty comes with 5 main features: Beauty Makeup, Beauty Camera, Beauty Collage, Beauty Video, and QuickSnap.

Beauty Makeup

Want to be charming and gorgeous? Let's turn the page! Don't know how to do makeup? Don't worry about that. Anyone can do makeup with InstaBeauty even if someone has never done makeup before. A variety of makeups are ready. Modify the shape of the eyebrows then make up your lips and cheeks. We think you will be totally inspired by this makeup camera.

How to make up with InstaBeauty? Tap the makeup button, and select your favorite makeup. It's convenient and fast, you can also use InstaBeauty to beautify your selfies. Such a good photo editor, let's try!

Beauty Camera

Take beauty selfies with our camera. With over a dozen beauty PRESETS and in-camera filters, you can choose how your skin and face look - with just ONE TAP! Each preset offers different levels of smoothing, toning, and removing temporary blemishes like pimples and blemishes. If you are not satisfied, press the Adjust button to further refine with several advanced features such as SLIM-FACE, BLEMISH, BIG-EYES, and more! The real-time filter on Beauty Camera does not require post-correction. There are over 10 artistic and unique filters, including a big eye filter specially designed for selfies.

Beauty Collage

Choose from over 200 elegantly designed styles and instantly create magazine-style collages that look better than other collage apps! Our styles are available in Selfie, Square, Landscape, and Stripes modes to meet all your collage needs. Also, upload new styles every week to get the latest collage designs from our library.

Beauty Video

More and more people are sharing videos on social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Now you can instantly beautify your video with Beauty Video. Just save as you wish and we'll enhance the footage on the go.


For those who like to take a lot of self-snapshots, this is the feature you'll love. Change different poses and take a photo until you get the photo you want. Once you're done taking photos, you'll be able to review each beautified photo and choose which photo you want to keep.

4/ FaceApp 


FaceApp is one of the best mobile apps for AI photo and video editing. Turn your selfies into modeled portraits using one of the most popular apps with over 500 million downloads to date. FaceApp gives you everything you need to create Instagram-worthy edits for free. No more tapping on your screen!

Use a fantastic set of AI filters, backgrounds, effects, and other tools to create seamless, photorealistic editing in ONE TAP. You'll never have to spend hours photoshopping again!

Over 60 highly photorealistic filters


  • Perfect your selfies with print filters
  • Add a beard or mustache
  • Change your hair color and hairstyle
  • Add volume to your hair
  • Try trendy complete makeup filters
  • Creative light effects
  • Eliminate acne and blemishes
  • Smooth wrinkles
  • Enlarge or minimize facial features easily
  • Try the color lens
  • Easy step-by-step comparison tool to compare before and after
  • Full control of temperature, saturation, etc.


  • Your favorite filters, are now live!
  • Edit videos or record them from scratch with the help of an outstanding video maker
  • Shoot boomerangs and stories
  • Use color correction
  • Trim, crop, and edit existing videos
  • Use multiple filters for more exciting results


  • See what you would look like if you were a different gender
  • Let AI find your best hairstyle and color
  • Aging: try our popular Old & Young filters
  • Transform your photo with your favorite celebrity
  • Swap faces with friends
  • See what your future children would look like
  • Borrow your favorite style from different photos
  • Put your face in a popular movie scene
  • Try weight filters: enlarge or reduce
  • And many more fun filters!

5/ Perfect 365

Perfect 365
Perfect 365

The best FREE virtual makeup app, period. It's like having a glam squad in your pocket!

  • Over 100 million users and counting
  • As seen on The Today Show, ABC News, Allure, and Seventeen

Try new looks on the fly with the world's most popular and easy-to-use virtual makeup app. With new styles created weekly by our expert partner artists and our in-house Beauty Squad, we're the go-to place for selfies, makeup, and fashion enthusiasts everywhere. 

  • Want to try a bold new color for lips or funky hair? 
  • Get the latest beauty looks from the red carpet? 
  • Go behind the scenes at Fashion Week? 

Everything is at your fingertips.

Main characteristics:

  • Over 20 makeup and beauty tools so you can customize your personal style: shadows, pencils, lipsticks, and more!
  • Over 200 predefined styles - one-click looks!
  • Unlimited custom color options with Pro Color Palette - create your own look with unique color combinations.
  • Video tutorials from your favorite YouTube artists, so you can recreate IRL virtual looks!
  • Beauty and fashion product recommendations.
  • Daily makeup and fashion tips.
  • Subtle retouching features for a makeup-free glow.
  • Most accurate makeup placement possible with state-of-the-art face detection!
  • Save and share your looks via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The creators behind the makeup magic

Perfect365 is built on cutting-edge imaging intelligence technology. Now in our 22nd year, we're using our world-class smart imaging to enable visual (thinking) capabilities in over 1.5 billion of today's most popular smartphones.

6/ MakeupPlus


Say hello to your personal makeup artist! Our MakeupPlus app makes you look gorgeous with just a few simple taps. We've worked with industry professionals like top makeup artists and photographers to create a personal makeup and beauty consultant for you. There's no easier way to try out new looks or create your own look! Our MakeupPlus camera lets you try on complete looks, then combine them with fun accessories. Touch up your features, and glamor with our makeup looks, and shop the products you love to recreate your favorite looks in real life - you can easily do it all with MakeupPlus.

EXCLUSIVE looks created by the best in the beauty industry

  • Try exclusive makeup looks created by the best professionals in the beauty industry
  • Get an instant makeover from top makeup artists in the industry such as Bretman Rock, Nikkie Tutorials, Lisa Eldridge, Christen Dominique, Angel Merino aka Mac Daddy, and more!

MIX and MATCH complete makeup looks with fun accessories

Transform your appearance right before your eyes with our augmented reality (AR) camera.

  • Instantly preview glamorous complete makeovers with fun accessories including retro style sunglasses, angel halos, and more!
  • Choose from a list of beautifully-crafted looks, including a soft look with "Bella", a whimsical look with "Brazen", or even a dark and sultry look with "Porcelain"
  • Mix and match complete makeovers with different looks to create your own style

LOVE your look

Do you consider yourself a makeup guru? 

Show your creativity by creating your own signature look in TOUCH-UP.

  • If you're feeling daring, try some fun colors to see how glam you'd look
  • Add easy makeup touches to your selfies to look on point in every photo you post #dressyourface
  • Go wild and change your hair color to the hottest trends. Try (Cotton Candy), (Sunset), or even (Icy Blue) for a mystical look
  • Enhance your eye color by adding colored contact lenses with our easy applicator

Try real beauty products

Take the guesswork out of buying makeup online! 

With our COUNTER function, you can see how makeup products look in real-time with our AR camera.

  • Instantly try products from your favorite brands such as Charlotte Tilbury, GLAMGLOW, Stila, Clarins, NARS, Dior, and many more!
  • Like what you see? At the push of a button, it's yours! You can buy the items you like directly on our app and start taking pictures to show your friends

ENHANCE your photo to highlight your natural features

  • Retouch your skin to bring out your naturally radiant glow
  • Easily show off your best features by making minor adjustments to your face, eyes, chin, or nose

Additional Features

Discover easy-to-follow makeup tips to get the most out of our camera and makeup application tools in TRENDING

  • Take the best group photos with our selfie timer and multiple face recognition feature
  • MakeupPlus works with your front and back camera, so take your pick!

SHARE your photos

Once you're happy with your look, MakeupPlus makes it easy to upload or share your photo to popular social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

7/ Cymera Camera

Cymera Camera
Cymera Camera

Cymera Photo Editor is a free selfie camera app for android and iOS users.

We've compiled new Cymera effects and tools to prepare your selfie!

Popular effects and tools

  • Real-time selfie filters.
  • Crop tool for YouTube thumbnail, Instagram, and Facebook cover.
  • DSLR blur effect.
  • Effects of lights and fireworks.
  • Text tool for photo cards.
  • Selfie filter and beauty makeup tool.
  • Collage Maker & Poster tool.
  • Insta 1:1 square and blur background for Instagram.
  • Add a beautiful smile.
  • Smaller, V-shaped face.
  • Body and face editor.
  • Vintage, Natural, Neon, Lomo, Film, Sketch, Fisheye, and more.
  • Skin Glow Tool.
  • MEME editor.
  • Adjust brightness, contrast, color temperature, and saturation.
  • Import directly from Google Photos.

Beauty Camera

  • Professional beauty tools for makeup your skin, slim or reshape face, remove wrinkles, and erase face pimples and dark circles.
  • Hundreds of amazing beauty filters and makeup effects.
  • Real-time beauty camera selfie effects and makeup camera

Amazing filters

  • Perfect instant selfies with +150 filters.
  • Free filter packages for selfies, national flags, aerial shape, vintage feel, pastel colors, film effect, black and white.
  • Lens flare effects or lacquer light effects.
  • Create your own collection of favorite filters.

Camera lenses and silent mode

  • 7 different and fascinating camera lenses.
  • Anti-shake, timer, touch shooting, focus options.
  • Silent mode to film wherever you want without disturbing others.
  • Bluetooth connection is available for selfie sticks with remote control.

Simple and easy for college

  • Choose photos from your gallery and see them instantly arranged in a cool collage.
  • Cropping tool that helps you customize your YouTube thumbnails. With Cymera, you can take a video-sized image and scale it to Instagram's size requirements and even add text and texture to the frame.
  • Different types of grids to combine photos (up to 9 photos) into one.
  • Change photo grid size. 100% match on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube Thumbnails.

Body retouch

  • Instantly taller, lengthen your legs, and reshape your body.
  • Amazing feature to slim down your waistline.
  • The best photo editor to lift your hip.
  • No more bowlegs. Get sexy, fit legs in seconds.

Super easy and fast editing tools

  • Brightness, contrast, mosaic, rotation, and more.
  • High-quality resolution for sharp and clear photos.
  • Red-eye removal function.

Upgrade with unique items

  • Cartoon stickers include animal faces, beauty filters, light effects, and frames.
  • Brush tool for handwriting and drawing.
  • Variety of fonts.

Retouch or adjust photos instantly

  • Automatic face recognition includes enlarged eyes, smiles, and slim functions.
  • Skin corrections using skin glow and concealer tool.
  • +200 kinds of natural hair and face makeup tools.

Photo Sharing and Smart Gallery

  • Organize photos by date, location, selfies, etc.
  • Send or share your photos on your social networks or other instant chat.

Cymera photo selfie editor language support

Korean, English, Spanish, German, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Portuguese, Russian, Indonesian, Turkish, and Vietnamese.

8/ Facetune 2

Facetune 2
Facetune 2

More than the best selfie editing app. Facetune 2 is what you need for the perfect portrait. Download now for free and find out why!

Want to look amazing in every selfie you take? Facetune2, by Lightricks, is an easy-to-use photo editor that acts as your own personal glam squad. Get that Instagram-worthy shot every time!

Facetune2 is the next generation of the award-winning Facetune app, with an amazing new collection of the best professional editing features. Get a Hollywood look or a more natural result with the best makeup and beauty editing app on the market! There's super-advanced technology behind every tool that's fun, powerful, and easy to use. In just a few swipes, you can whiten teeth, remove blemishes and pimples, smooth skin, correct bad lighting, shape faces, enhance your makeup - and add glitter and glamour! Want to wow your friends and followers? Leave reality behind and live your fantasy with Facetune 2!

Discover the incredible magic of Facetune 2 now:


  • Sweep away blemishes, pores, or wrinkles and instantly eliminate them
  • Smooth skin for a porcelain look
  • Airbrush images to achieve glowing skin or reduce redness
  • Absorb shine from oily skin


  • Magically replace backgrounds
  • Get artistic with a unique prism effect
  • Fun, creative, and colorful light effects
  • Neon filters, as if you were on the cover of the biggest fashion magazine
  • Makeup and glitter brushes for painting hair or skin


  • Whiten your teeth and widen your smile
  • Make your eyes sparkle or change their color
  • Remove red eyes


  • The scale features up or down easily: Make features thinner or wider
  • Change the light source and remove shadows or reflections for perfect lighting
  • Ultimate control over temperature, saturation, and more
  • Easy step-by-step comparison tool to compare before and after


  • Adjust features, smooth skin, whiten teeth *while* you pull, not after
  • Live filters add makeup and beautify your look while you watch!

9/ Beautylish


Shop amazing makeup, hair, and skincare products on the Beautylish app! Makeup and beauty product reviews cover your favorite brands and new product releases to find the best makeup. Easily save your favorite beauty finds to your wishlist.

Shop popular brands including:

  • Charlotte Tilbury
  • Good molecules
  • hourglass
  • Jeffree Star Cosmetics
  • Natacha Denona
  • RCMA Makeup
  • Sonia G
  • Wayne goss

10/ Visage Lab

Visage Lab
Visage Lab

(Face Lab) is a professional beauty lab for your face photos. Remove pimples and wrinkles, outline eyes, and whiten teeth in seconds, all done automatically!


  • Fully automatic face retouch
  • Skin make-up (skin smoothing including removal of facial shine, blemishes, and wrinkles)
  • Eye makeup
  • Red-eye removal
  • Teeth whitening
  • Improved colors
  • If there are multiple faces in a photo, all of them are enhanced!
  • 40+ awesome artistic effects
  • Easy sharing and backup


Would you like me to hide those ugly pimples and spots and smooth out the wrinkles? - asked the proofreader.

I would like to get rid of it and look younger! - exclaimed the Skin.

Next, the eyes must also be highlighted: we will outline them and define the eyelashes. – says Eye Liner and Mascara.

To add a finishing touch, let me whiten your teeth! – says the whitening toothpaste.

You are now ready for a photoshoot! - they said in chorus.


Of course, cosmetics don't talk, But there is another magic! Discover the "Visage Lab" application which will sublimate a face in a photo with the wave of a magic wand! Simply select a portrait photo from the gallery or take a photo with the camera and let the app do the rest. Face Lab applies eye and skin makeup, removes wrinkles and oily highlights, whitens teeth, and performs smart color correction in seconds. Also, it automatically removes red-eye, if needed. You don't need to learn how to use complicated software to edit your photos!


After the automatic enhancement is done, you can compare the before and after photos to assess the changes. Meticulous users can modify the parameters (exclude certain options that they consider unnecessary). Moreover, you can apply artistic effects and awesome backgrounds to your edited photos to make them more attractive. There are many vintages and aged photography effects, exotic backgrounds, lighting effects, and color filters. It's almost unimaginable how these filters and effects can beautify your portrait!

Finally, share your enhanced photos with the world via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest. You can also email the result or save it to Gallery.

PS If everyone embellished their portraits with (Visage Lab), how beautiful the world of the web could be!